Keeping dogs contained is important mainly because of the love and affiliation owners often have with them. If you would not prevent or contain your dog, you will likely be going through loads of issues and stresses. So it is recommended to use a pet fence to contain your dog in the area where you want it to stay.

Nowadays, wireless dog fences are trending because they offer a unique way of containing dog without putting any physical barrier. A wireless dog fence is device that does not uses fence but is a useful and safe pet containment plan that restricts dog and does not allow it from leaving the yard. The invisible pet fence devices run on either batteries or wall plugs that transmit signals to the electrical collar attached to dog neck. When the dog tries to cross the defined boundaries, an electrical shock is produced which prevents it from going further. Hence, it stops and stays in the allowed premises. However, there are a few things with regarding to using wireless dog fences that you must know. The information is ascribed as under:

  • The first usage tip is regarding placement of transmitter box. You must install it in a dry place away from metal objects. This is advised because the metal interferences the transmission and reduces the signal strength. So you might often not be able to monitor your pet due to lack of strong signals. Moreover, you must elevate the transmitter at least three to four feet above from the ground for smoother signal transmission. To get a better elevation idea, read the directions and recommendations given for the particular fence you have.
  • After fixing the transmission box, you are required to place the boundary flags at the edge of area where you want to keep and contain your pet.
  • Next step is turning on the wireless pet fence and adjusting the range. Almost every pet fence has range varying from high to low transmission settings. The transmitter usually transmits and sends signals in circular boundary shape in the yard. You cannot change this circular signal transmission but you can adjust the range. Make sure you adjust it in a way that entire area is being covered where you want your pet to stay. If you have a big yard or place to contain, you may need multiple transmitters.
  • In order to test the transmission, you must first check the collar attached with pet neck. Do not sent it to yard. First turn on the device, and make sure the transmission is working well. Moreover, check the warning signals. Try walking with your dog and take it to go beyond the boundary and see how warning signals are produced.

Last but not the least, all devices come with instructions. Before you adjust and set the invisible fence, make sure you have properly applied the rules. It is best for pet safety while it is contained with a electrical invisible pet fence.

Photo by Judi Neumeyer on Unsplash