Are you bothered on how you are going to train your dog for your planned containment? Many concerns may arise when you deciding to provide dog fences for your pets. One of these concerns in the system of electric fences for dogs wireless is on how are you going to train your dog regarding to its new environment.

As a loving pet owner, you must train them in firm, consistent manner. But remember to do it in a nice and fine method. The suggestion for training ranges in a minimum of 14 days. This time frame will be dependent on the ability of your pets to learn fast. If it is a fast learner, days of training will be minimized. Shorter sessions as evident in humans are preferable. So, avoid forcing your dogs to learn quickly because they might get stressed. If your dog starts to show signs of stress (ears tucked, body lowered, tail down, dog’s body stiffening), training schedule must be slowed down.

The following will guide you on how you are going to train your dog in the newly introduced fence:

Boundary awareness

At the end of your session, you must be able to make your dog comfortable in getting close to boundary you’ve created. On the first day of training, allocate 10-15 minutes in each of the three sessions you will perform. Here are your training steps:

  • You will start by walking your pet on the designated pet area. There are settled boundary flags. You must communicate to your pets calmly while moving onto the boundary flags. As the dog enters into the boundary zone, the receiver attached to the collar will beep.  Do the said process repeatedly until the dog learns not to go into the boundary zone. Making the session fun is a necessity.

Phase of distraction

dog fences

In this phase, your goal is to train your dog to stay inside the contained zone even with the presence of the distraction outside the area. Here you will create distractions in order to attempt your pet to cross in the boundary (for example throwing a ball or treat such as hotdogs outside of the boundary zone). . The following will be your training steps:

  • Present the distraction. When your dog is not affected by the distraction, praise him and give a treat.
  • Next allow him to go into the boundary line, if it doesn’t still react, repeat giving praises and treat. Then repeat the process with other distractions

Providing electronic invisible fence for dogs will require dog training. The owners must be ready to train their dogs for the efficiency of the containment system. The training will be beneficial the both the dog and the owner.

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash