While you would love your dog to wander and roam around you and house yard, safety concerns will also be on your mind. You cannot let it wander freely. Freedom of pet particularly dogs is never without risk. Your neighbors would not like you for letting your pet dog wander into their yard. Besides, dog can walk into street or on road where a car passing by can hurt or hit it badly. These things you cannot afford when it comes to your pet friend. So you definitely would want it to contain in a certain area of your house.

The best way to restrict movements of your dog is using a pet containment system. Previously, fences were used to contain dogs in yards but it is gone now. Fences are expensive and make your yard look ugly. So instead of using fences, using pet containment systems is in trends nowadays. The pet containment systems do not create a physical barrier in your dog’s way nor do they take space in your yard.

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But, before going to get a containment system for your pet, you need to know the various types available in market. Knowing both is imperative to decide what type of containment system will suit you and your pet. There are two types of pet containment systems available for animals mentioned below:

  1. Wired pet containment systems
  2. Wireless pet containment systems

Wired or Wireless? Which is the Better Dog Fence?

People use both wired as well as warless pet fence products. However, you need to figure out which will be best for your pet containment requirements. In order help you to make the right decision; here we have added a little info about both types of systems that will help you:

Wired Pet Containment Systems

  1. A wired pet containment fence usually features an antenna, collar, and transmitter. You burry the antenna wire around the area making an enclosed perimeter. A transmitter is adjusted around the boundary and collar is attached to the dog’s neck. Whenever, the dog tries to go beyond the defined boundaries, a light electrical shock is produced which prevents tits from going forward. Hence, with this combination of antenna and negative reinforcement, your dog will learn to stay within the perimeter.
  2. Wired pet containment fences are flexible enough to be adjusted anywhere. You may find them fit for your individual yard and can have for bigger or smaller shapes as well. You can shape them in an enclosed form area or mold the way you want. Just make sure you use the best dog fencing wire available to avoid long term maintenance.

Wireless Pet Containment Systems

  1. The static correction and electrical signal transmission is same as in wired containment systems. However, the signals are transmitted in circular field. If your dog walks out of the defined boundary, it will receive an electrical shock.
  2. A wireless system is easier to install. But it doesn’t adapt to the shape of your yard. Say, for example, that you want to reduce the radius of the field to the edge of your front street. You may also wind up restricting your dog’s movement to only a portion of your back yard. Electric dog fence systems and invisible dog fence systems generally can be purchased on the web for the lowest prices. You can also find invisible fence reviews on various sites on the web.  invisible dog fence reviews is a great place to start.

Generally, both are considered good for pet containment but choosing the one, which will make life easier for your pet, is very important. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing between wireless and wired pet containment systems.

Photo by Jielin Chen on Unsplash