Summer is around the corner, and we all know how tough it can be for us to endure the weather harshness. In summer season, living is not as easy as surviving in winters. So we ought to be very careful for our pet friends. They may suffer from the hot season, which can lead them to serious illness. So to prevent them from diseases like overheating, dehydration, and sunburn, concentrating and keeping on a few safety tips is imperative. Consider following tips to ensure your pet remains cool in the hot summer:

  • First off, before the summer starts, you must be taking your animal to a veterinarian in spring. Ask pet doc to check your cat or dog from major issues like heartaches, dehydration, etc. Get recommendations for the upcoming hot season that will ensure your pet safety. Moreover, ask your doctor to recommend an effective tick and feal control program, which will prevent parasites to hurt your pet’s skin.
  • While you travel with your pet animal, never leave it alone in vehicle. It can be fatal if your Pet jumps out of car windows. Besides, while your pet is in car, do not park it in open parking areas. Park your car in the shade, which will provide a little protection to your pet from sunburn.
  • Always keep a gallon full of cold, fresh, and cleaned water while you are travelling with your pet.
  • Playing with your pet friend is fun but you should choose an appropriate time for it in summers. The right time for playing with your pet is early in the morning or evening. However, prevent playing when it is hot and humid outside.
  • You often would like to take your dog or cat to market even during the noon or daytime. There is nothing wrong in it, but you must make sure your pet does not stand on hot asphalts. Use a safe passage. Otherwise, it can cause overheating to pet body and paws might burn. It is advised to prevent walking with your pet during hot daytimes.
  • A day spent at beach is worth a cool adventure for your pet. So do not forget to take it to the sweetest beach spot where you can fun and play with it.
  • If you own an overweight pet, you need to be careful with it in hot weather especially when summer is at its peak. Brach cephalic, snub-dogs such as Boston terriers, pugs, and bulldogs can experience heart and lung diseases.
  • Remember, a well-groomed pet can stave off summer skin problems. Pets with heavy coats need shaving in summer time. Be sure to have them a good shave and haircut.
  • In addition, you must make sure that there are not open, unscreened doors and windows in your home from where pets can jump out and wander in hot. It can cause serious problems too.

Remember, just like you, animals can go through various stresses in summertime because of weather being hot. Make sure you do everything what it takes to keep them in hale and hearty order.

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Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash