Dogs are not just pets – they are part of our family, and it is common with many households. Being responsible owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are happy and thrive wherever they are. This should be done even when we can’t be around them. Considering the same, it is important to find the best daycare services for the pet. It becomes even more important if the daycare services become an integral part of day-to-day life.

So, before you search for the best daycare for your pet, check out the post tips that will help you find the best one.

·         Enquire About the Ratio of Staff to Dog

If you need to pay attention to the ratio recommended by the International Boarding and Pet Care Services Association, 1 human/professional out of 15 dogs is the safe and standard ratio. Though, they also make allowances based on the activity level of all the dogs in question. 

It is seen that active dogs need more supervision, and on the contrary, less active ones need less attention from supervision. If you are aware of your pet’s activity level, then it will be helpful for you to choose the best facility.

·         Training of the Staff

The staff at the chosen doggie daycare must have the experience of working and training with dogs. The daycare facility needs to provide them with the right training on how to deal with the dogs while in a group in the right way.

While it is true that most of the facilities ensure that they are offering the best and ensure a safe environment for the pets, they should always be prepared to deal with any scuffles in case one breaks out.

·         Always Be in Touch

After you choose and finalize a facility, make sure to stay involved and communicate with them frequently. It is because things can change at any time, and accidents also happen even in the best places. It is important not to become too complacent; after all, your pet is a part of your family, and you cannot let him/her without any concern.

Of course, leaving your pet with strangers can be an intimidating situation. But in reality, it doesn’t have to be one and doing little homework can do the job. It’s crucial to use diligence and enjoy the perks of daycare facilities.

·         Visit the Facilities in Person

Before you make a call, make sure to visit the daycare in person. It will help you see the kind of environment your dog will be in. Ensure that the property is clean and thoroughly sanitized. You should also ask about the safety precautions the owner offers in the place.

You should look at proper ventilation in the facility so that there is an exchange of fresh air in the room. There should be safe floor surfaces and, most importantly, solid fencing.  Having proper fencing like an underground or invisible fence in the property will contain the dogs, and there will be least possibility of them escaping the area.

·         Know the Emergency Protocols

As stated before also, emergency situations can arise at any time, and you must act in a proper way to deal with them. Enquire what happens in case the dogs get injured. Also, enquire whether they have a medical emergency team at the facility.

What steps do they follow, and what if they cannot connect with the parents? In some cases, bad weather creates severe emergencies, which can be disastrous for the pets. Ask them how they deal with it.

·         Compare the Pricing

In most of the cases, the pricing of the daycare facilities mainly depends on the location as well as services offered. Some daycare facilities charge high as they involve and offer enrichment activities like training, coupled with supervised playtime. If you go for these services, of course, the charges will be higher.

The average cost comes around $18-$35 per day. You can also ask or get a discount if you buy a package of days. Do not settle for the first one! You can try innumerable options, and you must compare the pricing.

In a nutshell, choosing the best daycare facility is similar to looking for the best services for your own child. You would certainly want your child to be safe and sound with all the comforts, no matter what. Please feel free to share your experiences of finding the best daycare facilities.